2 Pack Pink Lotus Flower Birthday Exciting Candle ® (14 minicandle style)


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This listing is for the Pink Colored Lotus Flower Birthday EXCITING CANDLE ®. It rotates slowly in a circular motion, has 14 mini candles attached to the petals, and plays the Happy Birthday melody.

The "Variants Drop-Down Box" allows you to purchase however many you desire so you can order exactly what candles you want - (For example: 2 Baseball Trophy, 2 Tennis Trophy, 2 Rainbow Flower and 2 Purple Flower).

Our products comply with USA Consumer Product Safety Commission and the FDA Regulations so you will enjoy a better product and each package has very detailed operating instructions and warning labeling. If the product isn’t an EXCITING CANDLE ®, it likely is a copy, often claiming to be “original” or “authentic”.

For International Orders, USPS First Class International is used and USPS charges the same for 1 candle as it does for 6 so this savings is reflected in our shipping charges if you desire 6 candles. International customers need to wait up to 3 weeks for their order to arrive because of customs inspections and clearing process when a package is BOTH leaving AND entering a country.